Current Naseby Community Projects

Naseby Vision has numerous projects underway and each is overseen by subcommittees comprised of committee members and a willing pool of members who have a strong interest or the prerequisite skills to assist with the respective projects. We are always looking for people to assist with our projects. If you are able to spare a little time please contact us via the addresses listed here on our website.

Currently we have subcommittees working on the following projects:
  • Our cemetery subcomittee, working closely with the CODC and the Historic Cemetery Conservation Trust, has developed a conservation plan for the historic Naseby Cemetery. The Trust has now raised funds for the preservation of 20 damaged headstones and some families, where they can be identified, are also providing funding for their ancestors gravesites. At present the CODC is working with the Historic Places Trust to overcome issues which the HTP has raised. Regrettably, the HTP's intervention has now delayed work on all other aspects of the project. Some research into the Chinese gravesites is also underway.
  • Waste minimisation - Naseby Vision in conjunction with the CODC and Central Wastebusters has been instrumental in establishing a recyling centre in Lomond Street, on the east side of the Hogburn bridge, which over the past year has lead to the recycling of large quantities of glass, cardboard, paper, plastics and cans.
  • Improving cellphone coverage, within the town boundaries. At present coverage is either extremely marginal or non-existent.  However, a site has now been chosen for a Cellphone Tower, which hopefully will cover not only Naseby, but most of the Maniototo area.  Completion date is unknown at this stage, 2012.
  • The Naseby Streetscape subcommittee will soon begin initial work on a streetscape plan for the town which is aimed at helping to preserve historic elements in the town and finding ways of integrating improvements, such as kerbing and lighting, in a way which will enhance the present streetscape.
  • Naseby Vision is about to employ a Task Force Green worker to look at the heritage sites within the town and surrounding areas.  This project will also coordinate with Project Maniototo who are currently developing a Heritage Trail for the Maniototo. This work should be completed by June 2012.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from Dr George Mason, whose family were early Naseby settlers, we recently erected tree identification signs on all of the trees surrounding the Naseby recreation ground. Legend has it that the trees were originally planted to represent species found in the home countries of Naseby's early goldminers.

Water Treatment Plant

Naseby Water Treatment Plant
The supply of water is critical for the development of any community. At Naseby the water is drawn from an irrigation race. The water flows straight into the treatment plant where it is filtered before going on to the houses. The supply in Naseby is gravity fed and thus requires no pumping.

Common problems with the supply are colour and turbidity during the spring to summer period. Also in previous times the supply of water was affected in summer as the water allocated in the water race is fully utilised. Further development is likely to result in a demand which may exceed supply, especially during the summer period.

Naseby Vision has established a Water Group to work with the CODC and the Maniototo Community Board to find ways of improving the quality and reliability of the town's water supply. The Water Group has researched alternative water sources and submitted a variety of suggestions to the Community Board on ways in which the supply could be upgraded. Early in 2007 the Community Board provided a $25,000 grant to enable exploratory work to begin. The first stage of this work is the commissioning of an engineer's report and the upgrading of parts of the Naseby water treatment plant including a major upgrade of the filtration system. Although a major upgrade is required recent improvements have done much to improve the consistency of water quality.

Future Naseby Community Projects

Future plans for Naseby Vision community development projects include working with the CODC to improve walking access on Swimming Dam and Channel Roads.  Recently some redevelopment of the website has taken place.


Past Naseby Community Projects


Naseby Community Plan

The Naseby Vision group's first major project was assisting with the completion of the CODC's Naseby Community Plan which involved committee members in many hours of consultation with the CODC and many local organisations to prepare a plan which not only captured the perceived needs of the town, but also set up a series of implementation goals. Subcommittees are now working their way through a list of priority projects and a number of goals have now been achieved. The plan is reviewed and updated annually.

Telecommunications and Internet Services

Following a call from members for improved telecommunications and internet services in the town, Naseby Vision began discussions with mobile phone and broadband providers with a view to ensuring that Naseby residents and visitors had access to improved services. While discussions are still continuing with mobile phone companies, a milestone was achieved at the end of 2006 when Telecom responded very positively to our requests and upgraded its facilities in Naseby to introduce broadband to the town. Broadband is now available to all homes and businesses and many people have signed up for the service.

Toilets at the Naseby Swimming Dam

Working closely with the CODC, Naseby Vision members assisted with the refurbishment of the toilet block at the Naseby Swimming Dam, with members volunteering to paint the building.

Other Issues

Over the past couple of years Naseby Vision has made submissions on behalf of Naseby residents and ratepayers on a number of issues, including:
  • Mt Ida Syndicate Land Use Review
  • Central Otago Tourism Strategy
  • Otago Regional Council Draft Air Quality Plan
  • CODC Waste Management Plan
  • CODC Speed Restriction Review
  • CODC Annual Plan