16 June 2015

New Recycling Service Starts this Month

During the recent review of recycling services, the CODC adopted a more equitable service across the district by introducing kerbside collection for the following areas: Teviot Valley, Bannockburn, Pisa Moorings, Omakau, Ophir, Ranfurly and Naseby. Traditionally, residents in these areas were only able to access the drop-off services provided by WasteBusters.
From June 2015, Naseby properties are eligible for kerbside services and will have received the two additional bins for mixed recycling and glass. Due to the implementation of the new kerbside recycling collection, the CODC will no longer also fund the provision of a separate recyclables drop-off facility in Naseby. As a result, the facility is planned for removal at the end of June/beginning of July. The recycling drop-off facilities in Ranfurly will remain and are available for those who do not receive a kerbside collection e.g. Kyeburn/Danseys Pass area or for those who wish to take their recyclables away with them after their stay in Naseby.

The Council was  approached by Naseby Vision and a number of individuals requesting the Naseby drop-off facility remain. Council has considered these requests, but they regret that the facility will be removed.