23 June 2015



Dear Members and Friends

Winter has already shown its face with a couple of snowfalls and a few serious frosts.  Is your property fully winterised?  The Naseby Vision website has a list of local tradespeople to contact for advice, firewood etc.  If you live in Naseby all year round do keep an eye on your neighbours.  There are some new faces in town experiencing their first full-time winter.

The long wait is almost over….?
It seems this headline referring to the planned cell phone tower has been appearing forever!  Just when we thought we could report some serious progress there has been another setback.  Delays in previous projects undertaken by the construction company made for a late start and now winter weather is imposing restrictions on progress.  Once again, watch this space…..

Broadband upgrade:-
The recent Maniototo Business Group breakfast meeting was attended by Warwick Hawker, CODC Economic Development Manager and a representative the Dunedin Gigatown team who are gathering information for a case to go back to Central government re upgrading broadband to rural areas.  Speed of broadband in the township is limited by current equipment and capacity of the Ranfurly exchange and Naseby Vision is currently talking with Chorus and the CODC about this issue with a view to securing funding for the upgrade from the Governments Rural Broadband Initiative funds.  It is considered vital that Maniototo (and Naseby in particular) has high speed connectivity as it is now a key part of operating business.  It has proven to be a limiting factor in bringing business and new residents to the district.  We'll keep you posted on progress through our newsletters.

What’s happening in Naseby?
Naseby Vision has been instrumental in setting up the Naseby Summer Luge Trust, an entity specifically for facilitating the Summer Luge project.  The new Trust Deed was signed on Sunday by the trustees although there is still some paperwork to be filed with the Charities Commission and MBIE before it’s formally constituted.  The trustees are Eric Swinbourn (chairman)  and Nick Simpson, representing Naseby Vision; luge equipment donor Erna Spijkerbosch; Jock Scott, MIR (deputy chairman); John Mulholland, MCI and Geoff Balme representing NZ Luge Association.  Marilyn Swinbourn has been co-opted onto the Trust as the secretary/treasurer.

Summer Luge progress snippets:
The Trust Deed has been signed and we’d like to acknowledge the assistance of Frazer Barton and Sarah Simmers from Anderson Lloyd
  • The Trust has received its first cash donation of $250 – thank you to  Harlow and Murray Brundell  
  • A dedicated bank account is being established
  • staff from the University of Otago’s Department of Tourism have started work on the framework of a market study
  • Trust members are working on design of the track and costings
  • Some track clearing has been done
There’s been a lot of very positive feedback from the recent newspaper stories about the summer luge.  Naseby Vision is firmly committed to assisting the Trust in any way possible and we’ll be looking to members to offer their expertise to help with the project.

Naseby Store hours:    
The Naseby Store is open 7 days, please note the change in hours:- 

From now until further notice (probably December) the Naseby Store will be open:-
·         Monday 9 – 5
·         Tuesday 9 – 1, Wednesday 9 – 1, Thursday 9 – 1
·         Friday 9 – 5, Saturday 9 – 5, Sunday 10 – 4
During holidays and events I will stay open all day.  If you have a parcel to collect you can contact me by phoning the store (4449 908) or home (4449 996) or come and find me.

Work is under way to upgrade the kitchen in the back of the store to full commercial standard, this should be up and running in the next few months. 

Real milkshakes!!!!  A stunning old Hamilton Beach milkshake maker, the real retro deal, now has pride of place in the store.  We are not sure of its exact age but it would appear to be from a similar era to the store and the storekeeper!  Yummy real milkshakes (made with ice cream) are $4.00

Collecting mail:  from time to time mail is sent to the store for properties which do not have delivery.  Please check the chalkboard in the store for your name whenever you come to Naseby.  Unclaimed mail is returned to sender after three weeks.

Wheelie bin collection dates:

Thursday 4th June - blue top glass bins
Wednesday 10th June – red top rubbish bins
Wednesday 17th June – yellow top recycling bins
Wednesday 24th – red top rubbish bins

These dates are the days prior to collection day as the driver is usually round early in the morning and it pays to be ready!

If you would like your bin put out you can leave your name and address with Marilyn at the store, a  small group of permanent residents will take care of it for you on due day.  Please note you will need to advise us each time otherwise we end up checking empty bins at houses which have not been occupied.

Honesty Box at the tennis courts:-
A big thank you to all those who have ‘paid to play’.  Recently another $57 was banked, to be set aside for future maintenance.  Tennis racquets can be hired from Naseby Store.

We have expressed to CODC our concern that removal of the local recycling depot will impact on residents outside the collection area, however despite our protestations the depot will shortly be removed.  A new contractor with a different pickup method has taken over so things will change, discussions are ongoing.  Ranfurly will retain one of its recycling depots at the green waste area on a trial basis.

Street lighting:-
Planning for an upgrade is under way.  Following the installation and commissioning of the heritage lamps (one year ago) some changes will be made to the location and type of the older overhead lamps. We’re also continuing to lobby for a much-needed street light to be installed in Lua Street.

Naseby Vision membership:
If you are reading this newsletter you are probably already a member.  If you know of anyone who is not yet a member please encourage them to join.  Membership forms can be requested through the website nasebyvision.org.nz or picked up from the Athenaeum, the Naseby Store or from any committee member.  Thank you to the members who have donated an amazing $2250 this year to assist with our fixed costs such as insurance, website costs, domain name fees, hall hire etc. This is much appreciated

What’s on over the next few months?

·         Lions Steptoe auction on Friday 3rd July in Ranfurly

·         Fancy dress ice disco on Saturday 11th July

·         Ice and Luge Camps over July school holidays – contact the Maniototo Ice Rink for more information

·         Erewhon Cup ice hockey tournament 25th and 26th July

·         Winter Games – Mixed  Doubles curling at MCI starting 23 August, finals 27th August Great Naseby Water Race – Saturday 29th August

·         South Island Orienteering Champs, Naseby, Labour Weekend 2015

Positively Maniototo – the local community publication is delivered to every mail box in the first week of each month (except January), limited spare copies come to the store.  It can also be read via a link on line at Maniototo.co.nz. 

Maniototo Museum, the museum committee reports:-
The museum is closed now until November, access may be possible by contacting Sam Inder or Hazel Harrison (a $10 call-out fee will apply).  A huge thank you to members of the Maniototo Knitters and Spinners group for their donation of 40 fantastic hand-crafted red poppies to adorn the photographs and portraits of Maniototo military ancestors.  These poppies will endure and still look amazing in years to come.

Naseby War Memorial:
The memorial is showing signs of degradation and options are being looked in to for repair.  Naseby Vision is following up on repair costs assessments in partnership with the CODC and will consult widely with the community before committing to any course of action.

If you do not wish to receive Naseby Vision emails/communications please contact the Secretary, Hilary Allison on hilary.allison@xtra.co.nz or (03) 4772903 and ask to be removed from the mailing list.  Conversely, if you are currently receiving newsletters by mail and now have an e-mail address could you please let Hilary know so that we can send your newsletter to you by e-mail. If you have anything you would like included in the newsletter please contact the Secretary, details above.