1 May 2015



Dear Members and Friends

Autumn is looming fast with some very white mornings lately.  Easter will no doubt bring a flurry of wood-stacking, drain clearing, mowing and trimming as we prepare for another winter.  What a glorious summer it has been! And what a delight the crisp days of autumn are.  Hopefully you will be enjoying your Naseby properties and all that Naseby has to offer.


The long wait is almost over….

Improved cell phone coverage has been on Naseby Vision’s priority list since the day the organisation was launched. Well the long wait is almost over! After years of lobbying and still further delays this year due to tower design changes and the need for additional consents, Vodafone will begin work on the new cell phone tower off Channel Road in early April. They expect that the tower, which is funded from the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative and which will provide Vodafone, Spark and 2Degrees clients with a vastly improved mobile phone service and high speed mobile internet, will be operational in late May. As well as improving coverage in Naseby, the new tower will also help to boost coverage throughout the Maniototo.


The next communications challenge!

As local broadband usage has increased markedly over the years,  the speed has continued to slow to a point where it is becoming an issue for Naseby residents and businesses. Chorus has told us that the problem is that the current broadband equipment in Naseby is connected to the Ranfurly exchange by a 8 Mbps link, which gets very congested at peak times and causes Naseby's service to be variable.


The equipment in Chorus’ Derwent Street cabinet is not able to handle a large capacity connection back to Ranfurly and the 'switch" in the cabinet needs to be replaced to enable a large 900 Mbps link to be installed. An upgrade would give Naseby a very fast broadband service, 10 times faster than we have at present. An upgrade is not cheap and Chorus does not have funding available at present. However, the government has just announced additional funding under its rural broadband initiatives to fund projects like this.


Applications can only be lodged by local government and so Naseby Vision has started discussions with the CODC about submitting an application under the new scheme. We'll keep you posted on progress through our newsletters.


What’s happening in Naseby?

The next big Naseby Vision project is getting the Summer Luge up and running.  A framework is being worked on to enable fundraising and construction to begin.  What a wonderful fun attraction it will be for Naseby.  Naseby Vision, Maniototo Curling International, Maniototo Ice Rink, NZ Luge Association and Maniototo Lions are forming a new trust to manage the project and it is already working hard behind the scenes to get things started in earnest.


Naseby Store:

The re-opened Naseby Store was kept busy over the holidays as a welcome addition to Naseby’s holiday attractions.  If you haven’t visited yet make sure you pop in and see the new layout and make yourself known to Marilyn.  Check out the “Icecream Rules”.  A good range of basic grocery items is for sale plus postal services available, as well as bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquets and gold pans for hire.   Note from Marilyn – thank you for the many kind messages of support and encouragement over summer.  I loved meeting so many holidaymakers and in particular the delightful kids who brought their pocketmoney to the store.  The Naseby Sewing Room (now located in the Store building) is kept busier than ever.


New notice board:

There is a new community noticeboard outside the Naseby Store funded by Naseby Vision.  Items of public interest, events, lost and found etc can be left at the store for posting.  A gold coin is requested in exchange.*******


Wheelie bin collection:


Wheelie bin collection dates:-
April 1st ,15th and 29th
May 13th and 27th

These dates are the Wednesdays before bin collection day as the driver is usually round early in the morning and it pays to be ready!


If you would like your bin put out please leave your name and address at the store.  There is a small group of permanent residents who are happy to look after your bin.  Please don’t put it out too early!  Big mess happens when they blow over or the lids lift in the wind.  There have been a few ‘teething issues’ with fortnightly collection but we are coming to terms with it.  Bins left on the street for long periods of time should be unnecessary with a bit of communication.  Talk to Marilyn at the Store for more information.


Recycling:  Although there were a number of submissions in support of retaining the Naseby Recycling depot once individual household recycling bins and kerbside pickup is introduced, the CODC has confirmed that it will close the Naseby facility. It will retain a drop off facility in Ranfurly.


While we support the introduction of household collections, we are concerned that the loss of the local depot, we are concerned about the loss of this service for residents outside of the town collection area and also that fortnightly household collections won’t be able to cope with the vast amounts of glass and other recyclable items which build up over the peak holiday periods each year. We intend to continue to debate this issue with the Council and Community Board and we would also appreciate your feedback on this matter.


The Rabbit Problem:  the rabbit population seems to have stabilised and the cheeky bunnies continue to enjoy their Naseby homes.   There is no easy solution to getting rid of the little pests, a watching brief is maintained on numbers and control options.


Honesty Box at the tennis courts:   The Honesty Box at the tennis courts requesting gold coin donations from users is being well used, a big thank you to all those who have contibuted.  Recently $83***** was banked, to be set aside for future maintenance.


Naseby Services Directory:

A list of local services, tradespeople etc is constantly being updated, it can be found on the Naseby Vision website. 


Facebook:  Naseby Vision has now got a Facebook page, thanks to Lucy Crawford for her technical help.  *****    Facebook reaches a large number of people very quickly and is an increasingly popular method of sharing information, photos, events etc.  to join go to  ********  any contributions welcomed


Naseby Vision membership:

If you are reading this newsletter you are most likely a member already.  You will appreciated it’s an ideal way to keep in touch with Naseby news and have input into projects, politics and priorities.  If you know of anyone who is not yet a member please encourage them to join.  Membership forms can be requested through the website Nasebyvision.org.nz or picked up from the Athenaeum, the Naseby Store or from any committee member. 


What’s on over the next few months?

Saturday 4th April – Maniototo Lions 4WD trip will leave from Shortland’s station and travel over the Ida Range past the Mt Buster goldfields around the ‘Soldiers Syndicate’ to Tailings creek hut for lunch and then climb over Mt Kyeburn, down Timber creek  to Dansey’s Pass road and back to the start point for a BBQ tea. Bookings are essential as vehicle numbers are limited.  All ticketing and booking is done through:

John Levido   Ph (03)4449612   0272045918  Email: jjlevido@xtra.co.nz

John Mulholland 034449703   0272288152 Email: jjmulholland@xtra.co.nz


School holidays:

Pavement chalk art at the Naseby Store – sign up for a space at the store (weather permitting)

Daily Scavenger Hunt – pick up the list from Naseby Store at 10.00am, judging at 3pm

Ranfurly Pool – open hours on CODC website

Tennis, mountain biking, swimming


New Zealand Winter Games

Once again curling (Mixed Doubles) will be held at Maniototo Curling International with practice starting on 23rd August and finals on 27th August 2015. More information will be available nearer the date.


More information on these activities will be on the notice boards around town or check out the website nasebyvision.org.nz for links and information


Naseby Athenaeum:

Our precious library carries on as always.  An endowment set up well over a century ago ensures its sustainability.  Librarian Dawn opens up twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday mornings between 10.30 and 11.30am.  You are welcome to pop in for a look, membership is a token $5 per year.   The range of books is far-reaching and truly eclectic.  Recently some new magazine subscriptions have been added, you are welcome to go on a list to borrow the latest Classic Car, Lifestyle Block, North & South, NZ Geographic, and others.


Maniototo Museum and Naseby Craft & Information Centre: 

Volunteer help is always welcome!  If you can take a turn at the museum  Kath Thomas is the contact at kath.thomas@xtra.co.nz  phone 444 9920, or for the Information Centre please contact Raeleen 444 9922.  Any help is welcomed as there is a limited number of resident volunteers to keep these precious facilities up and running.  Those who have tried it out have enjoyed the experience.  Most shifts are just two hours, time which can be spent exploring the museum, chatting, reading, knitting or whatever you like.  Why not give it a try?


If you do not wish to receive Naseby Vision emails/communications please contact the Secretary, Hilary Allison on hilary.allison@xtra.co.nz or (03) 4772903 and ask to be removed from the mailing list.  If you have anything you would like included in the newsletter please contact the Secretary, details above.