9 October 2014



Dear Members and Friends

Spring is well sprung and what a beautiful time of year to be in Naseby.  A Southerly burst bringing snow and icy winds reminds us we live in the high country however the calm weather which always follows is even more welcome.  It’s great to see cribs being opened up and enjoyed, kids out on bikes, daffodils and blossom out, and the brilliant green of larches popping into leaf.  There is something for everyone in Naseby, walking, mountain biking, gold panning, superb coffee with world-class baking, cosy pubs and a delightfully relaxed pace of life.  Aren’t we lucky?
What’s happening in Naseby?

Naseby Store

We were sorry to lose Kayoko, Alistair and Rena Watt from Naseby Store when they closed the doors in September.  Sadly the economics no longer stacked up for their business.  We thank you Kay, for your input over the last six years and wish you well in your life without the store.  Naseby Vision is working on options to re-open the store including setting up a community-owned company.  This will be discussed fully at the AGM when the business case and possible options will be presented for the membership to decide on the course of action, or not.

In the meantime the mail is being sorted daily by Steve Wiedmer who is on site from 9.30am until 10.30am each weekday for parcel pickups or by telephoning Steve on (03) 4448343.  Bread and milk can be purchased from the Black Forest Café, and the ODT is available outside the store with an honesty box payment system.

Wheelie bin collection:

We are adapting to fortnightly collection and making changes to how we deal with household waste.  Be aware the new bins are lighter construction, particularly the lids, which can fly open in the wind.   Please do not put your bin out too soon; they are very vulnerable to being blown over, damaged and spillage.  Talk to your nearest resident neighbour and come to an arrangement.   The Recycling Station is used thoughtfully by 99% of users.  As it is Naseby’s responsibility to keep this area clean and mess free please do your bit by recycling with care and picking up rubbish from the area.

Wheelie bin dates to go out
October  1st, 15th & 29th
November  12th & 26th
December  10th & 26th
January 7th & 21st

The Rabbit Problem:  There are ongoing discussions as the pesky rabbits make themselves very much at home in the village again.  Controlled shooting within the village has been vetoed by NZ Police.  Other options are being sought but there is no immediate solution.

Honesty Box at the tennis courts:  

There is a newly installed Honesty Box at the tennis courts requesting gold coin donations from users.  The cost of ongoing maintenance of the courts is not covered by rates and is organised by Naseby Vision.  The courts are popular and well used all year round.  Please be mindful of the cost of keeping our courts in good condition and contribute a little each time you visit. 

Extra help over the holiday season:

Can you help out?  Both Maniototo Museum and Naseby Information Centre would welcome some extra help over the holiday season.  If you are willing to take a turn at the museum please contact Kath Thomas at kath.thomas@xtra.co.nz  phone 444 9920, or, if you can help at the Information Centre please contact Raeleen 444 9922, Hazel 444 9937 or Colleen 444 9099.   Naseby is a much more welcoming and interesting place when these facilities are operating, but with a limited number of local volunteers, it can be a struggle at times.  Any time you can spare would be great for the Museum, the Information Centre and the town.  It’s not hard work, it’s easy to learn the ropes and it’s a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours, meeting and greeting visitors.

Naseby Book Sale:

This is being organised by the Naseby Information Centre, to be held in the Naseby Town Hall, 10.00am until 2.00pm on Monday 29th December 2014.  Donations of books can be left at the Maniototo Library in Ranfurly or at the Naseby Information Centre (if closed just leave at the door).

An added attraction - HANDBAGS!!  Ladies, if you have out-of-use handbags please donate them to the sale.  Also, help would be welcome on the day, please contact Raeleen, Colleen or Hazel (numbers above). 

SEE YOU AT THE BOOK SALE:  10.00am – 2.00pm, Monday 29th DECEMBER 2014.

Quiz Night:

Run as a fundraiser for Maniototo Curling International and held at the indoor curling rink on Sunday 26th October (the Sunday of Labour Weekend) at 6.30pm.  Teams of four and entry is $40.00, multi-draw raffles at $2 a ticket, a light supper provided, and the bar will be operating.  (No BYO due to licensing).  Team names to the rink staff on 444 9878 soonest, spaces are filling fast.  NB – teams are four max, due to the table size and space.

Township Evacuation Plan:

A recent meeting reviewed emergency evacuation of the town.  In the event of the township being threatened the fire siren will sound continuously.  Emergency services will direct you to the safest exit and gathering point.  The safest point would be decided according to the situation.  Please gather your family and emergency supplies and leave immediately you hear a continuous siren.

Emergency planning is an ongoing process as communication and the population changes with time.  

Identification of your property:

How easy is it to find your property?  Do you have a street number clearly visible? and, would a visitor to your home be able to direct emergency services if needed?  Particularly if your home is used by visitors, paying guests, or people unfamiliar with Naseby, please ensure your vital information is displayed somewhere obvious eg by a light switch, by the phone if you have one, or near the main door.  Bedroom mirrors are another good place to secure information.

Cemetery upgrade:

Naseby Vision has been steadily facilitating repairs to historic headstones in the Naseby Cemetery.  Our thanks to the Dunedin Monumental Masons Ltd for their outstanding work, and the hardworking sub-committee who have persevered with research, fundraising and managing the project.  All headstones scheduled for attention have now been repaired/protected to ensure their future.

Naseby Services Directory:

The list of local services is a much-used document and is currently being updated.  It will be found on the Naseby Vision website shortly, or, will be sent out to you.
Naseby Vision membership:

There are now over 300 members.  If you know of anyone who is not yet a member please share the word.  It’s an ideal way to stay in touch with Naseby happenings and have input into projects, politics and priorities.
Membership forms can be requested through the website nasebyvision.org.nz or picked up from the Athenaeum, the Naseby Sewing Room or talk to any committee member.  Meetings are held monthly on Saturday afternoons in winter and Friday evenings in summer. 
Annual General Meeting

Naseby Vision Inc. annual general meeting will be held at the Naseby Town Hall at 10.00am on Monday 27th October, that’s the Monday of Labour Weekend.  Anyone is welcome to attend, Members who have paid a donation since the last AGM have voting rights.  Proxy forms are attached to this newsletter and can be found on the website www.nasebyvision.org.nz
The present committee is:

Chairman – John Crawford, Vice-Chairman – Stuart Hore            

Secretary/Treasurer – Hilary Allison

Committee members: Eric Swinbourn, Stewart Francis, Andrew Stewart, Nick Simpson, Marilyn Swinbourn.

Stuart Hore, Stewart Francis, Eric Swinbourn and Phillip Ballard current term of office have been completed.  All are prepared to stand again however we still have a vacancy on the committee and are keen to hear from potential committee members!

If you no longer wish to receive Naseby Vision emails/communications please contact the secretary, Hilary Allison on hilary.allison@xtra.co.nz or (03) 4772903 or any of the committee.  If you have been receiving newsletters by post and could supply an email address please get in touch.  Email addresses are definitely not used outside the Naseby Vision family.