Dear Members and Friends

As autumn turns to winter it’s time to plan ahead and prepare for colder days, do you have a pre-winter ritual?  For some it’s tidying gardens, clearing gutters and stowing outdoor furniture, for others it’s stacking the mountain of firewood essential for keeping toasty warm, picking blackberries, gathering apples, raking leaves and hunting out winter woollies.  Before the snow and cold arrives it’s a good time to ensure drains, taps and your water toby are free of growth, silt etc. so they can be accessed easily.

Heritage Streetlight project comes to a close this month:
They say that good things always take time. This project had its beginnings about 6 years and will come to what we are sure will be a sparkling conclusion when the 17 replica lights are turned on at a function beginning outside of the Naseby Information Centre at 7 p.m. on 30 May!

The project was born when Mrs Josie Dick mentioned to one of our committee members that one of her late husband Robert’s great wishes was to see Naseby’s original streetlamps reinstated at key points around the town. Josie offered an initial donation to help fund the project. Committee member John Steele took up the challenge of the project on behalf of Naseby Vision and was shortly afterwards enthusiastically joined by Phil Ballard.

They tracked down plans of the original gas lamps, which were kindly donated by Phil George, and then located an engineer in Dunedin who was prepared to manufacture the lamps and stands at a reasonable price.

After John left the committee due to ill health Phil Ballard worked tirelessly to bring the project together ably assisted by Stew Francis, Andrew Stewart and Eric Swinbourn and a fantastic funding raising effort by Hilary. Many local families with lengthy ties to Naseby provided the majority of the funding for the project with additional funding from the Maniototo Community Board. However, without the hundreds of hours of volunteer labour by Naseby Vision members, the Lions and many other local people and the generous contributions of the sponsor families, the project would not have been possible.

There are just too many people to mention in the limited space that we have in this newsletter however the committee would like to pay special tribute to James Hazlett and Robbie Dobson who both generously donated their professional services to the project.

The annual Highland Ball

The Highland Ball will be held on Saturday 31st May, 8.30pm in the Naseby Town Hall.  It’s always a wonderful night celebrating all things Scottish and local.  It’s a valuable fundraiser for the Maniototo Ice Rink and well worthy of support.  Plan now to bring a group and make a night of it .Tickets can be purchased from Hazel Harrison, 4449937 or they can be purchased at Naseby Store or at Books and Things in Ranfurly.

Property identification
Does your property have its street number visible?  Would a stranger to town know how to get help in an emergency?  It could happen any time!  We’ve noticed since we started this campaign at least two-thirds of Naseby houses now have numbers. So, if you haven’t done so already, make it simple for anyone to describe their location to the 111 operator by ensuring your property is clearly marked at the roadside and the street address etc is displayed indoors.

Also …..  It would be helpful if you ensure your water toby was labelled.  There have been instances where the wrong toby has been turned on or off, with confusing and messy outcomes.

Wheelie bin collection changes:
We need to be aware that in July this year wheelie bin collection will become a fortnightly event.  To avoid leaving bins out for longer periods of time this is a good time to talk to the permanent residents if you need help with taking out and putting away your bin.

Bins on the street are unsightly, at risk of damage and a nuisance to the truck operator as he frequently finds he is handling empty bins.  His solution is to knock them over after emptying – not a good look for the town!

(Maybe there is a little ‘industry’ here for some enterprising permanent resident?)

Recycling facility:

A reminder that with the rubbish collection moving to fortnightly we need to recycle more of our household waste. There are bins located in Lomond Street (just over the Hogburn Bridge) for recycling paper, clean folded cardboard, plastic containers, tins, aluminium cans and glass bottles sorted by colour.  Glass from broken windows is not acceptable as it contains contaminants which cannot be recycled, (bottles only please).  

Please note that inappropriate materials are simply not removed by Wastebusters.  Unsuitable items left recently have included bedding, polystyrene, a quantity of commercial wrapping, used clothing, groceries and an old fridge.    These items should be taken to the Transfer Station or placed in your wheelie bin, please don’t leave them for local volunteers to clear away. 

The Eden Hore dress collection

The first meeting of the CODC project planning and consultation group was held in Alexandra in early April and Naseby Vision is represented in the group. Council staff have already undertaken considerable research and the group will meet regularly to prepare a long-term business plan for collection. However, it may take till at least the end of the year before the various options are fully explored. We’ll keep you posted on developments. 

Summer luge – this will be another attraction and source of fun. Progress is being made on installation but its early days yet.  Watch this space!

Naseby Store hours – after much thought, Kay and Alastair, owners of the Naseby Store, have decided to stay closed on Sundays from 4 May until 28 September.  These are traditionally very quiet times for the store and they have made the decision to enjoy some well-earned family time while they have the chance.
Support for Vodafone’s Resource Consent application
The long awaited cellphone tower is likely to become a reality later in the next 12 months.  Vodafone has lodged a resource consent application with the CODC to erect the tower and Naseby Vision has sent a written submission supporting the application. The tower will provide mobile phone and high speed broadband services for all telcos, including Telecom mobile and 2 Degrees. Please support the application by e-mailing or mailing a short letter of support to the CODC in Alexandra.



Spring has arrived at last and despite a fairly warm winter it is still good to feel the warmth of the sun and see the lambs in the paddocks. We lost a couple of trees on the Domain during the very heavy snow fall in July and the strong winds have helped a few more along in the forest. Trees located near to power lines need to be kept trimmed and away from the power lines. Please contact Otago Power Services (Mark Wray) on 03 4190111 for trees that are near wires etc as some services are free.

New Members

We would like to welcome Joanne Herd, Margaret Hughes and Shirley Scott to Naseby Vision; it is great to have new members join. We now total 290. If you know anyone who would like to join Naseby Vision please put them in touch with one of the committee members.


The Naseby Vision AGM is to be held on Monday 28th October 2013 in the Naseby Town Hall. The meeting will commence at 10:00am. Everyone is welcome. There is a resolution to amend the Naseby Vision Rules this year. An invitation to consider joining the Committee and a proxy form will be sent to you separately.
“Naseby:  A History - To Everything There is a Season”
There are only a few copies of this book left. They would make an ideal Christmas present. To avoid disappointment you can purchase your copy from the Naseby General Store, Naseby Information and Craft, The Museum, T Books’ n Things (Ranfurly) or Paper plus (Otago wide) at a cost of $49.99.
AED Machine (Automated External Defibrillator)
The AED machine has been relocated to the Royal Hotel due to the closure of the Ancient Briton. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the Ancient Briton for hosting the AED. Access to the machine is only available if the Hotel is open. It was decided to relocate to The Royal for several reasons; 1. Central location in the Township, 2. Accessibility, 3. Statistically, you are more likely to be in need of its services in the evening/night time. 4. There are likely to be more people around to offer assistance at the Royal Hotel, 5. The machine needs a secure, warm environment to function properly and to prolong the life of the battery.
Naseby Lamp Light Project
The heritage lamp project continues to cause headaches and delays due to the snow and its aftermath, plus escalating costs associated with cabling and suitable locations. A working bee for the trenching and concreting has been organised for the weekend commencing November 9th/ 10th 2013. Everyone is welcome, please can you contact Stewart Francis (03 444 9935) if you can help.
Quiz Night
The Information Office will be holding their annual fundraiser on Sunday 27th October. This is a hugely popular night with tables selling out quickly. Get your team together and register by calling the information Office on 03 444 9961.
Children Day (1st January)
A volunteer is needed to take over from Bill Morice as the Co-ordinator of this hugely successful event. Bill has done a fantastic job and is stepping down due to family health reasons. Please contact Bill if you are able to help on 03 444 8369. Bill has put together a “how to manual” and would be happy to mentor his successor.
Car Show 

The Naseby Car Show will be held on the Recreation Ground, Naseby on Saturday 2nd November from 10.00am until 4.00pm.  There will be something for everyone with a fascinating line-up of cars, motorcycles and machinery of all ages, entertainment, kids’ activities, People's Choice awards and spot prizes, mystery object challenge, food stalls, car-boot sales, stalls and much more.  Entry is by purchase of a $5.00 ticket which goes into a draw. School children are free.  Any enquiries to Brian (03) 444 9507, Rae (03)444 8269 or Eric on (03) 444 9996.
Happy Birthday Athenaeum
The Naseby Athenaeum will celebrate its 140th birthday with a ‘get-together’ at the Athenaeum on Saturday 5th October, 10.30am.  Anyone with an interest in the Naseby Athenaeum is welcome to attend.  An RSVP would be helpful for catering purposes, call Marilyn on 4449 996 or Deirdre on 4449 069 for more information.
Missing Precious Book
The Athenaeum is on the lookout for a copy of the book compiled by Naseby school pupils for the Centennial Exhibition in 1939.   The shelf copy has been missing for some years now and we would like to replace it.  If there is a copy hiding on your shelf you would be prepared to donate to the Naseby Athenaeum we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the Librarian, Dawn Lowien, or secretary Marilyn Swinbourn (444 9996).
Positively Maniototo
Is a locally produced newspaper printed and distributed free across Maniototo.  It can also be viewed online at the start of each month at maniototo.co.nz/contacts and links.  Past editions can also be viewed.  For more information, articles to submit or advertising, contact Amie Pont on 03 4449993.
Kath Thomas
Kath Thomas
Congratulations to Kath Thomas as a recipient of a 2013 Central Otago Community Service Award received at a presentation evening in Roxburgh recently.

Maniototo Markets
The market will be held on the Village Green in Ranfurly on Saturday 26th October, that’s the Saturday of Labour Weekend. This is a fundraiser for Burn729am, the local community radio station and supports many community groups in the area.  It’s a wonderful morning out, an ideal opportunity to stock up the cake tins and maybe visit the Ranfurly Art Deco Gallery.  Call (03) 444 9729 to book a stall or for more information.  Maniototo Markets are also on Facebook.
A garment from the Eden Hore Collection.
Eden Hore Fashion Collection
Eden Hore Collection recently purchased by CODC and is now stored at Central Stories Alexandra. There will be a business plan developed by the CODC as to the future of the collection somewhere in Central Otago. Of course we hope that the collection will be housed in a purpose built building in Naseby.
Further funds have been awarded to this fantastic project to restore the historic headstones at the cemetery.
Steve Wiedmer
Now lives in Naseby and is available to do lawn mowing by arrangement Steve can be contacted on (03) 4448343.
Naseby Trades List
This has been updated and will be sent out to you by separate cover.
Roll on the long summer days.
Tracy de Woeps