7 January 2019

Hoffmans Dam water syphoning

If you've been to Hoffman's in the last few weeks you will have seen that the bike tracks around the dam are under water.  Unfortunately there is no outflow from Hoffman's so it will only be through seepage and evaporation that the dam will drop.  However, never fear, the team have been onto it with the Naseby Mountain Bike Trust working with Paul from Earnslaw One to put in a temporary syphon to lower the level.  Fantastic to see.

29 December 2018

Forest Tracks Working Bees

If anyone's got a little bit of time to spare come and join in some track maintenance.  It's actually quite fun (and a little bit of work), and you get to see some great areas of the forest if you haven't been around the tracks yet.  And if you have, it's a great way to give back for the fantastic tracks we all get to ride.  Click the link below for the dates and times.
Track Maintenance Times

22 December 2018

Christmas Newsletter

The latest and last newsletter for 2018 is now available via the link below.

Merry Xmas to you all and have a very safe and enjoyable holiday.

Christmas Newsletter

21 December 2018

House Numbers

A reminder as we're coming up to holiday time with lots of people around.  It's a good time to sort out a house number to display.  This is really important from a safety aspect, as well as telling friends and family how to find you.  Paul at the Store is happy to help source the solar powered ones.

Naseby TV Production - Stay with Us

And what a production it was.  A fabulous clip on some of the wonderful things Naseby has to offer.  If you missed it on Seven Sharp, click on the link below.  A credit to the local identities who fronted this and to all those involved.

Stay with Us

11 December 2018

A Time and Date not to Miss

DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THIS. Sorry, not shouting at you, just wanted to get your attention. Tomorrow night (Wednesday 12 Dec) watch Seven Sharp on TV1. There will be an article on Naseby and some local identities.